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Chris Canty Foundation Reading Buddies

The Chris Canty Foundation launched the Reading Buddies Program to expose youth to positive role models in the community, educational resources, and potential career paths. Youth participants learn to embrace teamwork and critical thinking skills through a series of activities that will also empower them to build healthy relationships and improve self-esteem.

This program also reinforces the importance of volunteerism and teaches youth participants the value in establishing strong, positive life skills. Through classroom learning and field experience, participants and their mentors embark on a journey that greatly impacts and improves their personal growth and development. fbq('track', 'ViewContent');


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Youth Leadership Conferences

The Chris Canty Foundation cordially invites you and your students to attend one of our Youth Leadership Conferences. There are two conferences held annually, each geared towards developing leadership skills in high school students; leadership that will last far beyond graduation. Each conference includes a panel discussion, workshops for parents and students, phyisical fitness activities, and Q&A sessions that spark dynamic interaction between students, educators, and industry experts. The leadership conference focuses on teaching high school students Healthy Behaviors in all aspects of life. In order to reinforce the importance of making healthy decisions, students take part in discussions on how to identyfing healthy relationships, conflict resolution, menatl abuse, physical abuse, eating healthy, and understanding the pros and cons of social media.

This conference is very unique in the way it addresses so many topics realted to issues teenagers deal with on a daily basis. The purpose of our "Healthy Behaviors" conference is to prepare students in the 9th - 12th grade, for the daily practices that result in a healthy lifestyle to become leaders in the future. Get Involved!

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What Our Participants Are Saying

The Chris Canty Foundation is doing and outstanding job. They have reached out and touch so many kids across the Charlotte area. They are not just talking about making a difference. They are doing it. I want to personally thank the organization for this amazing programs and all that they do. - Rafael S.
“I’ve been volunteering with the Chris Canty Foundation for the past few months and it has been truly a great experience! The foundation’s commitment to the community and its youth is amazing and I truly believe they are making a difference with the kids they touch. Today’s Christmas Giveaway Program at Merry Oaks International Academy gave 80 kids positive memories that will last a lifetime! I’m happy I was able to participate with such a great foundation” – Hillis H.
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