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The Camp of Champions - June 28 - 29th, 2018

The Chris Canty Camp of Champions was started in 2007. This fitness initiative is the Chris Canty Foundation's flagship fitness program. Each year we look to improve our impact in the lives of youth through building a strong team. That takes a lot of hard work and most importantly, team work. We need your help in making this camp the best experience for everyone involved. Volunteer reporting times will be based on assignments. All volunteers will be requested to meet at
George Washington High School by 7:45 a.m. to assist with the set-up unless otherwise stated. Click here to register!

What Volunteers Are Saying

Thank you for your contribution to society! Big Chris Canty making a BIG difference because he does. #NFL #Great #Profesional #Gentleman #ChrisCantyFoundation

- Michael Johnson, Former Pro Football Player

I am grateful to be able to work with great community leaders. The Chris Canty Foundation™ has enabled me to impact our communities on a large scale. Volunteering with this foundation has brought so many great and memorable experiences and fun times. Having the foundation as a support system to continue to service my community has been very impactful and for them I am grateful. Please continue to inspire people like me and continue to be great leaders! Thank You Joseph & Chris for all of your hard work and efforts. Nothing has gone unnoticed. #DynamicDuo #Leaders #ChrisCantyFoundation #Ravens #Football #NFL #Baltimore #Charlotte #NewYorkCity #Northeast

- Kevin Veillard, Professional Trainer/Coach

Definitely a great group. The Canty family definitely some of the most amazing people I have ever met. It's awesome what they are doing to encourage education.

- Nathan Hardester

The Chris Canty Foundation has played an instrumental role in providing a significant and much needed outlet for education and sports to our young people. My close ties and experience with high school athletics has heighten my awareness of the positive impact sports involvement has on students. It provides our youth with opportunities to entwine competition and good sportsmanship into their daily day-to-day real life interactions . The core values in which i was raised with places emphasis on  "giving back" and family. As part of the Chris Candy Foundation , I have been able to experience both. I am grateful that my contributions and time are benefiting the personal development of youth in our local communities.

- Donte H.

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